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If you prefer on-the-go shopping experience, there’s no better place to turn into than publix online ordering system. Apparently, passport publix makes up not only the happiest associates but also happiest customers. As the biggest supermarket chain in the US, Publix is now testing its latest internet grocery system, allowing all its loyal customers a much more convenient way to shop their products.

Publix Online Ordering with Publix Account

If you still don’t have a publix account, it’s best to make one now and do your publix online ordering right away. As the news reports, the company’s online grocery service is available, including the at-store pickup service. At first, the pilot program called Publix Curbside is tested in one of the branches in Lakeland, and some other are the next to catch up with this change. The next states that joined this pilot program are Tampa Bay and Southwest Florida. I think it’s just about the time that publix online ordering is available at the nearest store of your neighborhood nowadays.

The very first thing to do is creating a publix account; you can make it by accessing Publix’s site, and register using your email address. Once you have one, get your passport publix login and shop everything you need. Publix’s director of media and community relation explains that this marks their bold step in meeting the growing need of their customers in a latest and more advanced way.

The on-the-go customers can check out Publix’s service commitment at, but they can only place an order after getting a passport publix login using their account. Registering your email address is easy and free, and you can access it using your mobile device.

How to Place a Publix Online Ordering

The largest grocery chains in the US is now reaching out the mobile market, as Publix also aggressively markets their online service by launching digital coupon, starting last year. The first states to participate in this online coupon program are Alabama and Ocala, and it shows quite an improvement in attracting new customers. While Publix’s biggest competition like Kroger and Bi-Lo attracts customers by their membership card, Publix’s digital coupon has succeeded in increasing new buyers by 35% of margin.

Publix online ordering now just adds more convenient to its customers as the grocery store allows payment at the register through a shared mobile application; it works similarly to Google Wallet and PayPal so that you can keep all the payment information on the phone and it takes all credit cards.

If you are interested in getting publix online ordering or delivery service, you must know that all sales prices are the same as your shop traditionally. To place an order, you should go to passport publix login homepage, pick order, and choose your preferred store location. Just remember that the pickup or delivery timeframe will range about 30 minutes after you made the order because of the weighing and wrapping and everything.

Using publix online ordering service, customers will get an estimated total of meat products because it needs to be weighed for the certain price. The pickup time will also be reflected on your order page on the site, and you need to pay when picking up the order. No minimum amount is required to place publix online ordering, but customers need to pay additional $7.99 for the service fee.

While Publix allows customers to save more time with the delivery system using their personal publix login account, some store branches like Tampa and Atlanta decide to go even further. The two branches are providing their customers with dedicated parking space and drive-through service for the on-the-go customers.

Utilizing publix login account to place publix online ordering is free and easy. I think it’s time for all Publix loyal customers to make a registered account, use a tablet, smartphone computer, or phone to make an order and head directly to checkout.

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