Publix Passport: For Employees and Their Families

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What do you have in mind when you first hear about Publix Passport? Well, Publix Passport is an official portal or an online portal for Publix associates or employees. Publix itself is a supermarket chain in the United States. As an employee, you get to log in and check your working rosters.

So, how does Publix Passport work?

About Publix, Publix Passport, and How It Works

As mentioned earlier, Publix is a supermarket chain in the United States. It has been around since 1930. At first, it was just a single store until gradually, it became even larger. Nowadays, Publix is the largest grocery chain there.

Although Publix is not available to provide services for customers outside the United States right now, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy it. Just pay a visit to Publix when you visit the states like: Florida, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia.

In fact, even before you go there, you can start planning on your grocery trips. Other things that you can do before arriving at one of the Publix chains in the United States include finding weekly savings and order selected products online. It is easy. Just go to and find what you would like to buy.

Publix chain is also known as Publix Oasis. So far, Florida still has the biggest number of Publix chain stores in The United States, which is 779 stores. Currently, about nearly 190,000 people are employed there. They are in charge of 1,167 retail locations, cooking schools, offices, and grocery distribution centers. They are also in charge of eleven manufacturing facilities.

What do the manufacturing facilities produce? They produce their own daily, deli, bakery, and also other foods.

What if you are not there for shopping, but as employees? This is why Publix Passport exists. Because of this, you can have and access your account here. Since Publix employs so many people, this system is required. Some of the benefits of Publix Passport include:

  • Getting employees to manage their paycheck.
  • Enabling employees to view their fellow employees’ information (and of course, this is also to keep track on who works there and who does not anymore.)

Obviously, you can only gain access to Publix Passport if you are one of the employees or staff. Once you have resigned from Publix, your account will be automatically deleted.

About and

If you see that there are and, here are the reasons why:

  1. com is for the chain store info.

If you click on, you will find information about Publix store. It will let you know that currently, Publix no longer caters to international orders. However, you can still visit the store as a shopper.

  1. org is the platform for the employees.

If you click on Publix hours, you will see that it is a public associate resources website. As long as you work for Publix, then you can have an account and gain access there.

As an employee with an account at, you can manage your workload or Publix hours. You can also have a publix login, which will give you more access to many things that you do not get as an outsider. In fact, sometimes you can get an employee’s discount for certain items or at certain times.

How about when you want to do a publix online ordering? You can go straight to the “Apparel and Merchandise (Shopping)” section. There are links to help you to choose the right items. The links will lead you directly to the chain store or section that sells the items.

About Publix News Online on

Another thing that you can keep tabs on is the existence of the Publix News Online on Not only you get to read good quality contents for free, but you can also get more information on the latest things to buy and some shopping tips that can help you to purchase wisely.

There are also content articles on retail businesses and how to get more environmentally-conscious when you go shopping.

Whether you are an employee or a shopper, Publix News Online provides valuable information for a more pleasurable shopping experience.

There are also other sections regarding this Publix Associates Resources, like:

  • Links to contents about health and well-being.
  • Links to contents about financial resources.
  • Links to contents about career and self-development.
  • Links to contents about work resources.
  • A link to content about the government involvement.

This is why being a Publix employee gains a lot more benefits. Once you have an account on , that is what is called a Publix Passport. This will feel more like traveling from one section to another. This is not just about work and maintaining your paycheck, but also creating a solid community.

How To Get Your Publix Passport and Login.

There are ten steps to take when you want to login with your Publix Passport. Before that, you will have to get one from your HR Department. (Of course, this means you have to be a Publix employee or staff first.)

  1. You can open one of these browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 or Firefox 4.0. These are the two most recommended browsers when accessing The Public Associate Self-service Portal in ).
  2. Enter the link (that you are given) in the URL.
  3. Find the “login” option. It is either at the top or the left side of the page.
  4. After clicking on “login”, be ready. You are directed to the Publix Passport Login Page.
  5. Type your username and password in the fields required.
  6. Already logged in? Good. Now you are ready to manage all the info that you find there. Thanks to your Publix Passport login, now you get to check out these valuable information pieces, like: working hours, store schedules, paychecks, benefits, and many more.
  7. Have problems logging in? Using the “difficulty with password” option, you get to recover or reset your lost or forgotten password.
  8. After using that, do not forget your username and PIN. No, this is not your PIN for your bank account. This is actually the last four digits of your Social Security Number or SSN.
  9. Once you have already entered your username and password, you can click on the “GO” button. Wait for the email confirmation about how to reset your password.
  10. Since your login credentials are given by the Publix HR Department, never trade them with other employees nor people outside of work. (Then again, this is common knowledge for other similar matters.)

You have tried all ten steps above. If you still encounter difficulties in logging in with your username and password, then it is time to get some “HELP”. That “HELP” option can be found on the right side of the Public Passport Login page. That is for your further assistance.

The Publix Employee Login.

No wonder Publix Passport keeps their employees happy and healthy. Through the Publix Employee Login, they gain many benefits. They no longer have to wonder with a statement like this:

“What will I get when I have my work log in?”

Even from the moment, they access, they can already see the benefits. Those benefits have already been mentioned in the previous chapter, but now let’s go straight to details here:

  1. Links to contents about health and well-being.

Publix does not only care about profit, but also their employees too. This can be seen from the links to their contents about health and well-being. For example: they give the employees (and shoppers who can access this content for free) tips on how to manage their health.

Publix even offers health screenings and suggestions on physical activities. They also encourage the employees (and shoppers) to keep themselves and their family members healthy too.

  1. Links to contents about financial resources.

At first, you may think that most stores and supermarkets only care about earning more profit. That is not the case with Publix. One of the things that they offer is Supplemental Life Insurance Plan. As an employee, you can use this to protect your future and the future of your family members as well.

This offering includes: dental insurance, life term insurance, and also vision insurance. This is why you should make good use of your Publix Passport.

  1. Links to contents about career and self-development.

This is another reason you need to take advantage of using your Publix Passport. One of the things that they offer is The Leadership Development Website (for retails and support leaders). Although you will be directed to another link ( ) and you will have to register again, this program will help you as an employee to develop your career in retail business.

  1. Links to content about work resources.

As an employee in a huge retail store company like Publix, you definitely need your official work email. Not only that, but you can also get supporting information and resources related to your work, like: Publix Emergency Info Line and Federal and State Required Postings.

For Federal and State Required Postings, you can also learn more about your rights as a staff or an employee at Publix. Of course, in every Publix chain (from Alabama to Virginia), there may be some differences.

  1. A link to a content about the government involvement.

The United States itself also cares about the civil rights of every employee who works in Publix. This is why has a link to a content about the government involvement. It is called The Publix Associates Political Action Committee (PAC) (for retails and support leaders.)

This is also the reason why it is best not to just give away your birthdate to anyone. To use your Publix Passport to log in here, your default password is your eight-digit birthday. The format should be the month first, then the day, and after that, the year.

The Publix login here requires an employee’s personnel number. If you are unsure about yours, you must contact your manager immediately for more information.

How to Keep Your Publix Passport Safe and Use It to Gain More Benefits

Last but not least, here are tips on how to keep your Publix Passport and use it to gain more benefits, either for you and your family members too:

  1. Once you receive a username and a password from your HR department, log in for the first trial. If it works out, then you can continue using it. If not, request for a password reset or use the “HELP” button.
  2. If all efforts above fail, contact your HR department directly to have a password (and/or possibly a username) changed. (However, this is highly unlikely, but who knows?)
  3. Just like with all your other login credentials, do not use the same password too long. Change it right away the moment you first log in. You can change your password in a certain period of time. For example: once a month or in two months.
  4. When changing the password, make sure that the new one you use is not too easy to guess but also not too hard to remember. The last thing you ever need is to have to reset your password because you forget the new one you have just created.
  5. Never, ever trade your username and password with other employees or people outside of work, no matter what. This is also a big no for your own family members too.
  6. Make the best use of your Publix Passport for yourself and your family members too. For example: you use the Supplemental Life Insurance Plan or help your brother or sister to find jobs at Publix Support Jobs Centre or Publix Careers Job Match.
  7. Want to catch up on the latest news and tips related to retail store business? Check out Publix News Online regularly, and you will not miss a thing.

Here are the benefits of using a Publix Passport as an employee. This is why Publix is more than just about profit; it is about the community.