Top 10 Largest Retail Chains in the World

The 10 largest retail chains in the world have sold more than $ 1.4 trillion in goods over the past 12 months. And 70% of this amount, or about $ 1 trillion, fell on the 5 largest representatives of the United States.

At the same time, at the end of 2017, a record number of stores were closed in the United States – 6,885 points were closed. In mid-October 2018, the American retail chain Sears Holding filed for bankruptcy.

The undisputed leaders are companies selling consumer goods. Another trend in recent years is the active development of online trading. Traditional retailers are forced to spend huge amounts of money on the development of Internet services and digital technologies in order to maintain an advantage over the growing Internet retailers such as Amazon. By the way, we did not include it in the rating, because the company’s business is very diversified and it generates its revenue ($ 752 billion) not only through retail, but also through other industries, for example, cloud technologies.

Largest Retail Chains

10th place

In 10th place is the American multi-brand retailer Target with revenue of $ 75.1 billion over the past 12 months. The company owns a large chain of economy class retail hypermarkets, which are popular in the United States and around the world due to affordable prices and the widest range of general goods. Her motto remains unchanged: “Expect more, pay less.”

9th place

The largest Japanese retailer Aeon ranked 9th in the ranking. The company’s revenue for the year reached $ 775 billion. Aeon operates a retail chain of stores that sell a variety of goods, including food and home furnishings. The chain stores are located in Japan, Malaysia, China (including Hong Kong), Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, etc. The bulk of the revenue is generated by department stores and supermarkets.

8th place

Tesco is the UK’s largest grocery and non-food retailer. Its revenue over the past 12 months amounted to $ 82.4 billion. The company has more than 6,800 stores of various formats: from a hypermarket to a convenience store. Tesco employs 300,000 employees in the UK alone and over 440,000 people worldwide.

7th place

The French retailer is Carrefour (Crossroads) is one of the largest retailers in Europe. Over the past year, the company’s revenue amounted to $ 92.4 billion. The network has 12 350 points of sale in more than 30 countries and regions, which are visited daily by 1.3 million customers.

6th place

home depot

Home Depot Inc, an American hypermarket chain that is the world’s largest selling repair tools and building materials, took 6th place in the ranking. The company’s revenue was $ 105.6 billion. The company owns 2,284 retail outlets in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. Home Depot also offers equipment rental and professional renovation services to its customers.

5th place

The Schwarz Group is a German family-owned company with brands such as Lidl and Kaufland. Lidl is a supermarket chain with more than 10,000 stores in 29 countries. In addition to a wide range of food products, Lidl stores also sell clothes and shoes, household goods and cosmetics, children’s clothing and toys, household appliances and electronics. Kaufland is a hypermarket chain with a presence in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Australia and Bulgaria. The entire group operates 3,200 stores. The retail network has been holding the lead among retailers in terms of revenue in the eurozone for several years. In the 2017/2018 fiscal year, the company’s revenue was $ 115.9 billion, of which Lidl accounted for $ 89.2 billion, and Kaufland’s sales amounted to $ 26.7 billion.

4th place

supermarket chain kroger

The 4th place is occupied by the American supermarket chain – Kroger Co. The company’s revenue over the past 12 months amounted to $ 124.2 billion. 94% of the company’s total sales come from grocery retail. Kroger Co owns 2,769 grocery stores under various brands. The company also owns a chain of jewelry stores, food businesses and pharmacies.

3rd place

Walgreens Boots Alliance – the world’s largest pharmacy company – came in third with a record of $ 131.5 billion in the last 12 months. The WBA operates more than 18,000 pharmacies and cosmetics, perfumery and personal care stores in 11 countries. The company is also the largest pharmaceutical distributor, owning about 390 distribution centers, from where medicines and other goods are delivered to more than 200 thousand pharmacies and medical centers located in 20 countries.

2nd place

The second largest cash & carry chain in the United States – Costco Wholesale Corp. Over the past 12 months, the company has generated revenues of $ 141.5 billion. The format of wholesale stores for small businesses, which can also be available to individuals, continues to be popular. By purchasing an annual card, a club member gets access to goods with very attractive prices. As of August 2018, the company has 762 warehouses, of which 527 are in the USA and Puerto Rico, 100 in Canada, 39 in Mexico, 28 in the UK, 26 in Japan, 15 in South Korea, 13 in Taiwan, 10 in Australia. , 2 in Spain, 1 in France and 1 in Iceland.

1 place

American Walmart has been holding the palm for many years. The chain’s revenues over the past 12 months amounted to $ 511.8 billion. Today this retailer has 11,700 retail stores, represented under 55 trademarks in 27 countries. There are retail outlets in the USA, Canada, Mexico, as well as in China, Argentina, Brazil, South Africa, India, Japan and Great Britain.

Questionnaire for the survey

The result of the study directly depends on how your questionnaire is drawn up. Thus, a questionnaire incomprehensible to respondents with incorrectly constructed logic will reduce the number of fillings and will not bring the desired result. How to create a questionnaire that will satisfy all the requirements? In this article we will talk about how to draw up a questionnaire correctly so that it not only seems interesting to respondents, but also can gather information on the basis of which useful conclusions could be drawn.

Using Surveys in Internet Marketing

Social surveys have always accompanied those areas of human activity where there are goods and services. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Internet marketing this tool for obtaining answers is widely used in various fields. Here is an example of some:

  • consumer market research (checking the popularity of a trend, evaluating purchasing power, etc.);
  • assessment of the success of a particular product or service (satisfaction with a particular product, customer survey, etc.);
  • study of human resources (assessment of working personnel, analysis of employee motivation, etc.).

Most often, the second survey method is used – questionnaires. Typically, profiles are filled out either before receiving the goods (services), or after purchase.

Laddering is also used for various marketing research. But in this case, a full customer feedback is required (often used as an online consultation).

Using Surveys in Blogging

The blogosphere mainly uses questionnaires – it is very difficult to conduct live communication on blogs. It is easier for a blogger to conduct his research by sending out a questionnaire to his subscribers. Of course, not every respondent will answer the questionnaire. But such a survey option requires an order of magnitude lower costs than conducting research using laddering.

What topics do bloggers most often do their polls on? In my opinion, the most popular studies are the following topics of blogging life:

  • assessment of the activities of the blogger, the study of his ability to deliver full content to readers;
  • study the functionality of your blog, identify design errors, receive recommendations;
  • testing of their information products, research of their consumer value for their customers.

Questioning is carried out in various ways, which I will discuss in more detail in the following articles of this topic. You can see an example of one such questionnaire in the last part of this post.

In the future, all the information on creating a survey on your site will be based on the second method, a survey.

How to make a questionnaire

As I have already said, in the questionnaire method, the most important and difficult question is the moment the questionnaire was created. The interviewer needs to not only understand the topic of the study, but also correctly draw up a questionnaire. Below you will see a number of recommendations and my plan for conducting a questionnaire.

Rules for compiling a survey questionnaire

  1. The formation of research objectives. Before you create a questionnaire, you need to consider the objectives of the survey. For this, it is necessary to draw up only such questions, the answers to which will give an assessment of the study.
  2. Brevity is not only the sister of talent, but also the success of the survey. Formulate your questions briefly and succinctly – do not add clarifying phrases when everything is clear from the question itself. They will distract the respondent.
  3. The consistency of the issues. Veiled and meaningless phrases will lead the opponent away from the real answer. This can confuse the question that is responsible for the cause and effect relationship, which will negatively affect the results of the study.
  4. The sequence of questions. Keep track of the questionnaire questions. If the survey has an incorrect sequence, the interviewer will receive distorted research information. To prevent this, a simple trick is often used – first they show simple questions, and then increase their complexity.
  5. One question – one topic. It is better for the respondent to ask only one answer in one question. Then it will be considered the only important one. Otherwise, if there are several topics, the focus on the primary question may go to another.
  6. No clues. In questions of the questionnaire there should not be obvious clues. Otherwise, the study will not be natural – its answers will lead to a distortion of the results. Only an explanation of a complex issue is allowed.
  7. Use of open-ended questions. Giving the respondent the opportunity to give his own answer, without choosing from the proposed ones, the study will turn out to be more accurate and complete (covers different sides).

Questionnaire survey procedure

Having thought over the research topic and compiled a list of necessary questions in your head or on paper, you can proceed to the stage of creating the questionnaire. Here is my pattern by which I conduct my anchor surveys:

This plan is used only for anonymous surveys. If the questionnaire requires fixing the details of the study participants, then another item “Registration” appears. He goes immediately after the item “Greeting”.

Also, to create a successful profile, I am guided by the following recommendations:

  • questionnaire should not contain spelling errors. Otherwise, the respondents’ confidence in the interviewer falls, which may affect the quality of the research results.
  • I give all possible answers to each question. If necessary, add a field for the personal response of the respondent.
  • Before publishing, I test the created survey. Usually I read aloud everything that is written in the questionnaire. And also I answer questions of the so-called aerobatics sheet.

Jobs at Kroger

Kroger Co. is the one of the largest retailers in the United States, based on sales, holding the 24th spot facility. Kroger has 2,476 supermarkets and multi-department stores in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

The company offers its customers a one-stop shopping experience by providing a variety of produce and merchandise. The retailer also has onsite pharmacies to assist individuals with their medicinal needs.

The following guide will explain the company’s application and hiring process to help interested candidates land a job at Kroger.

We look forward to receive your resumes and cover letters with the specified level of the desired salary. If necessary, you can contact the experts using a resume writing service near me for professional advice.

ResumesBot writing service

At the moment, our company is looking for full-time employees to fill the following vacant positions:

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Cashier

Don’t hesitate to contact our support for additional information, if needed.

Kroger Stock Has Slid This coming year, and 1 Director Is definitely Loading Up on Stocks

Kroger stock has used a pounding this season, but a director in the supermarket giant’s table has loaded up about shares. It’s the very first insider purchase in a couple of years.

Kroger stock (ticker: KR) is down 21 years old. 0% so far this coming year, compared with a nineteen. 3% advance is typically the S&P 500. Kroger even now hasn’t recovered from the razor-sharp drop in March following reporting disappointing fiscal-fourth-quarter income. An improved earnings review and a dividend walk, in June, haven’t enhanced Kroger stock.

kroger store

Kroger’s prospect director Ronald Sargent, the particular retired chairman, and BOSS of Staples bought Kroger stock on the open up market on Tuesday. Sargent paid $107, 436 intended for 5, 000 Kroger stocks, an average price associated with $21. 49 each. He or she now owns 94, 660 Kroger shares, according to be able to a form Sargent registered with the Securities in addition to Exchange Commission. It has been his first stock buy since joining Kroger’s plank in 2006 plus the initial by any company insider since June 25, 2017, when Michael Schlotman, a good executive vice president, compensated $45, 456 for a couple of, 000 Kroger shares, the average per-share associated together with $22. 73.

Morgan Stanley’s Simeon Gutman had some sort of lukewarm appraisal of Kroger stock in an August 20 report after the particular company’s fiscal first-quarter record. Gutman kept an Equal-Weight rating on Kroger share. A “credible way to be able to earnings-before-interest-and-taxes growth and border stability is unclear, very well he wrote while incorporating that those concerns “appear priced in. “

Gutman’s $26 price target, on the other hand, represents about 20% benefit from Friday’s close involving $21. 75.

Kroger Is Loud and Happy

The Kroger Co. released it earned the best score on the 2019 Corporate Equality Index, the particular Human Rights Campaign Foundation’s national benchmarking tool intended for corporate policies and procedures supporting lesbian, gay, androgynous, transgender, and queer staff.

The annual survey analyzes non-discrimination workplace protections, home partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health and fitness care, competency programs, in addition to public engagement with the particular LGBTQ community. Kroger fulfilled or exceeded all Company Equality Index criteria, ensuing in a perfect rating of 100 and situation as a Best Spot to Work for LGBTQ Equal rights.

“This is a really proud moment for Kroger. We have worked to produce a more inclusive work atmosphere where every associate could be their utmost self just about every day and this acknowledgment reinforces our commitment, inches said Tim Massa, Kroger’s senior vice president involving human resources and primary people officer. “It is usually also a testament in order to the thoughtful insight supplied by our LGBTQ acquaintances and allies, that have demonstrated to us what we carry out well and where we all can improve. “

Kroger LGBTQ

Kroger also posted an online video on the company’s Facebook or myspace page March 28, 2019, celebrating its 100% position on the Human Privileges Campaign’s Corporate Equality List for LGBTQ – especially workplace policies and techniques.

Not simply is Kroger no extended remaining neutral, but the particular company can also be attempting in order to play both sides. Inside their most recent issue involving My Magazine, Kroger’s discount book with recipes with regard to their best customers, the particular company included a shorter write-up on the inside top cover next to the particular editor’s letter titled, Partying Pride Month, since 06 is Gay Pride 30 days.

It reads: “Diversity in addition to inclusion is part involving our core values. We all are honored to end up being recognized for our importance on diversity, ranking amongst the top U. T. corporations when it shows up to inclusion. During the particular month of June, we are going to also sponsor dozens associated with events and parades around the country. “

Kroger deliberately avoided including the particular words: Gay, Lesbian, and even Human Rights Campaign. Kroger didn’t mention these essential words and clearly overlooked them.

After signing the particular petition, 1MM supporters can certainly also call local Kroger Store Managers and enquire some sort of few important questions:

Satisfaction for what exactly is usually you celebrating?

What type of rankings?

What sort of events and displays is Kroger sponsoring?

Kroger Is Having a Large Wine Sale Ahead regarding Prime Day

Amazon Leading Day, one of the particular biggest deal-hunting events associated with the summer, is quickly approaching, set over 2 days this year on July 15 and 18. Now’s the time in order to pick up an Alexa device, if you’ve recently been eyeing one, and share upon smart designer watches, air fryers, Kindles, plus all of the various other products which were sitting upon your wishlist. (Whole Meals has some Prime Day time food deals, too, starting from 25 percent off Wedding party Case entrees to twenty percent off sliced deli meats and cheeses. ) Naturally, with the build-up to be able to Prime Day, several additional brands are offering competitive sales. Macy’s has a new “Black Friday in July” sale for beauty, garments, and home products; posts you’re in the disposition for wine, Kroger is usually offering discounted bottles close to the same time since Prime Day.

Kroger wine

If most likely looking to buy to conserve, the online promo computer code JULY 40 takes $40 away your acquiring any 12-pack wine collection, reports Delish. The promotion lasts by July 12 through Come july 1st 17, plus the “Discovery Pack” is not included. Of which still leaves you together with options like the “Worldly Whites Case” with special and dry wines through the U. S., Italy, plus New Zealand; or regarding red wine fans, a new “Molto Bene” case coming from Italy. Currently, these instances are priced out all-around $12. 50-$15. 83 some sort of bottle, depending on typically the collection–with the sale, baby bottles are reportedly as minimal as $9.

Another Kroger sale is providing 12-15 percent off white wine beverage collections with the signal ENTERTAIN15. For both give, you may order online and even everything is offered for no cost shipping.

In other Kroger news, the supermarket lately launched a pilot system for autonomous vehicle delivery–aka self-driving cars–in Houston inside a partnership with Nuro, a new robotics company. The services allow you to have got your groceries delivered same-day for the $5. 95 cost, without having minimum order specifications. Since April 2019, the particular 10306 South Post Pine Road and 5150 Zoysia grass Speedway locations were proved to be participating.

Blast squad determines nothing within briefcase found in Kroger Bluffton parking lot

The particular Beaufort County Sheriff’s Workplace bomb squad took a great x-ray associated with an unattended bag in the building regarding Kroger in Belfair Agora and determined nothing seemed to be inside, said Bluffton Authorities Department spokesperson Capt. May well Babkiewicz.

The Sheriff’s Workplace and Bluffton Police Section responded after a phone from a shopper that reported finding a dubious package within the parking whole lot. A manager from the enterprise told police the bag had been in the particular building for several times.

Babkiewicz said about 50 percent the parking lot seemed to be blocked off for additional than one hour as authorities investigated the product. He explained the area was eliminated by 5: 30 l. m.

The Bluffton Authorities Department previously submitted to be able to Facebook around 4: 35 p. m. that visitors in the community around U. H. 278 and Simmonsville Street might be affected due to be able to the amount of initial responders heading to the particular area.

Kroger adds Rapid Terminated Pizza to food the courtroom

Rapid Fired Pizza will certainly open its first in support of Dayton-area Kroger-based store later on this year.

The Kroger at Austin Landing inside Miami Twp. will open up its Rapid Fired Lasagna restaurant around the ending of September, said Kelly Gray, co-founder of Swift Fired Pizza. The well-known and growing chain can open a total twelve stores inside Kroger delis during its initial demo phase, but all apart from the Austin Landing location, just about all will be in the particular Cincinnati market.

“Based on our existing coverage found in the market, we no longer have plenty of gaps inside of the coverage (in Dayton), but Austin Landing has been one of them, inches Gray said. “Most involving the associated with our own Rapid Fireds… inside Kroger’s are going to always be in the Cincinnati marketplace, and then possibly broadening into the Kentucky marketplaces and into Columbus. inch

 Kroger  food court

Rapid Fired previously tried out to secure a place at Austin Landing, Dreary said, but they had not been able to function anything out with the particular shopping center. The deli renovation will cost regarding $110, 000, according to be able to Montgomery County records.

“We love the daytime populace of Austin Landing in addition to of course it’s a great extremely busy Kroger intended for residential shopping, ” the lady said.

The chain that will cook pizzas found in 180 seconds had recently been working on a take-and-bake kind of the pizza ahead of, nevertheless, the Kroger partnership sped up the expansion. The particular buy and bake with home Rapid Fired pizza are soon to struck shelves of traditional Kroger stores without Rapid Terminated locations in a future pilot, Gray said.

Joining up with Kroger will supply Rapid Fired to be able to grow it’s a footprint, Gray explained. The only difference among a typical stand-alone Swift Fired store and individuals in a Kroger will be that the Kroger type won’t sell salads.

“We are looking to support customers find new, very simple answers towards the questions ‘What’s for dinner? ‘, inches said Erin Rolfes, speaker for Kroger’s Cincinnati-Dayton Department. Mt. Orab was the first to open. Kroger-based Rapid Fired locations likewise opened in Corryville previous week and may open throughout Oakley later this calendar month. The Austin Landing spot will open in overdue September.

Rapid Fired furthermore recently signed a lease contract for 3, 300 square feet of space at twelve hundred Brown St., planning in order to open by the ending of September too, Dreary said.

“We happen to be searching for a location upon Brown Street since all of us opened our first Speedy Fired in 2015 plus the opportunity finally emerged up and we dived on it, ” Greyish said.

The location may have a self fill alcohol system and can employ 20 to 35 people. Renovations will surely cost regarding $100, 000.